Women love shoes whether they are lifestyle shoes or simple walking shoes. If it is new and exclusive then it is going to be even better. Some women even travel far in search of the perfect shoes and when they happen to be unique everything becomes even better. Even though there is no perfect recipe to find the most exclusive shoes there are some tips that are bound to happen any and every lady to find their perfect pair. Thinking about it small companies are developing collections that happen to be special and limited – that way ladies will always have an exclusive option. When you travel to a shop and you find the best walking shoes then you go back home with that feeling of mission accomplished.

How can exclusivity still be such a successful recipe?

The idea of creating a store that is able to deliver high quality and exclusive pairs of shoes of all types is the dream of many women thus several companies across the globe came up with exclusive collections – and that does not mean big price tags. Rio de Janeiro, New York and London, for instance have great options of their own. When the buyer gets that feeling from a company whether they already knew the company or not the bond formed becomes much stronger. You will not need to be stuck with the walking shoes.

Moving stores of sheer exclusivity.

- Temporary stores have begun going anywhere and everywhere all across the globe – and maybe there is one right beside you!. Any space that they found available to do I they did it, even with trucks. Today in Rio de Janeiro, for example, there are exclusive shoe stores in nightclubs. By day, the club is closed and they work inside. In Sao Paulo, they have fixed the first temporary shoe store in the world – and they have everything from simple walking shoes to the best ones you could find. It has a lease agreement for 30 days, but it is only open four days a month. Although these intelligent ideas come from Brazil it is possible to find similar examples all over the world. Whether companies lease or sell they are bound to always have a great number of clients, after all, the more shoes women have the better and happier they feel. Having several shoes does not mean spending several 100 dollars bills, after all there are many shoes that have pretty accessible prices.

Are you ready to experience the future?

Exclusive Shoes

Today, most of the companies that make shoes manufacture 10,000 pairs a month, but never in series if they want to be exclusive. Each pair has a maximum of 28 copies in some company models. That's because they are produced with materials discarded by large companies. In addition to being a unique product, it is also sustainable.

To complete the new concept, the shoemaker highlights that the products need to be affordable to customers. You can find unique shoes with value from $ 89. In Brazil these concept stores sell shoes that cost as little as the equivalent to $10 dollars. Have fun and get the best walking shoes.