Buying a pair of jeans that fits perfectly to the silhouette is not enough since you also need to match it to the best walking shoes. You have to think beyond that and also get shoes that best fits the new denim. To help in this task, we gathered the most perfect options, which will make your life easier when creating the fashion look of the day.

It is also important to keep in mind that wearing beautiful clothes, different every day does not mean spending hundreds of dollars on pants and shoes. It is possible to be simple yet very attractive by knowing which items to match and which items to avoid wearing together. Read our tips and always looks your best by not spending much. Are you ready to shine with the best walking shoes you have got?


Every flare pants demands heels and the best walking shoes. After all, you alone cannot ensure the magician stretch in the legs in an instant. But remember that to support a full day on high heels, they have to be comfortable. Therefore, the model of the shoe itself does not matter, what is at stake at this time is the robust platform and the bulky heels.


A casual silhouette, which is the case of the straight shape of jeans, is to be also combined with a casual pair of the best walking shoes. And given the range of materials, colors and models, slippers shoes could be the perfect match.


Here, what is at stake is an easy and elegant look. So tailpiece white jeans with a neutral pair of flat shoes and ensure a seamless look for cool days.

Dungarees JEANS + Pumps CLASSIC

Although overalls carry an air of childhood and in a boyish way, they can become a powerful and ultra feminine piece when used with a pair of scarping shoes. They are not the best walking shoes, however they are pretty.


Of course denim shorts is a versatile piece that goes with everything - heeled sandals, flat sandals, shoes ... But the ability of Sneakers to make it an item that goes from the casual stroll to the orderly. And the best: guaranteed comfort all day long!read more from


To compensate for the male footprint jeans and slightly detonated feel, nothing better than slippers, sneakers or scarping with leopard print. The result is a casual, but with a dash of elegance.



A skinny pair of pants with length above the ankle is super modern when combined with a pair of Oxford heavier. The look is instantly cool and makes the leg appear thinner at the base. Invest forever and wear the best walking shoes you can find! It is easy enough to make your fashion looks much more comfortable and beautiful at the same time – and not spending so much! Everything you have at home works!continue reading here!