They are considered the passion of many women but can cause damage to the structure of the body - back pain blisters and calluses thanks to the loved walking shoes. Most problems caused by shoes, it causes pain as well as calluses and swelling. Part of treatment is to not wear heels for at least six months.visit us now!

The best footwear is tennis, while shoes with platform heels, very high heels associated with pointed and simple high heels are the worst. It is also important to always keep your shoes and clean. Make sure they do not have mold nor have a strong smell. Cleaning and leaving your shoes under the sun light for at least a couple hours a week will be enough to keep them rid of smells.

The Highest heels should be exchanged for walking shoes.

Resisting elegance is difficult, but the high heels also bring a lot of damage to the body. According to orthopedic specialists, this type of footwear can cause hyper-lordosis (accentuation of lordosis, which is a natural curve of the spine) and back pain. Knees, can occur called patellofemoral syndrome (pain in the patellar region, also known as kneecap) and chondromalacia patella (bruised cartilage of the patella), and the increased risk of sprains (violent distortion that breaks the ligaments of a joint) which further generates lesions.view more from the website:

Ankle, can also get sprained, bruising cartilage or ligaments that region. The losses are felt even on the feet. The weight of the person is in the forefoot, which can cause metatarsalgia (pain in the foot front), bunions, calluses, blisters and retraction of the Achilles tendon. The best walking shoes are the healthiest ones.
Other lesions and problems that unhealthy shoes can cause people, especially for women.

It can also happen to the hamstring muscles - those ranging from leg to just above the hips - become shortened, generating even more overhead in the back.

The solution for high heel lovers is simple: reduce the size. One should avoid using this very high heels on many days of the week, since the more you use, the greater the incidence of problems occur. The best walking shoes need to be clean, rid of mold, humidity or smells and also fir the feet well. They should also be appropriate for the size of the person – fitting does not mean being your proper size. Some people end up getting hurt simply because they tend to buy a size smaller. Your shoes should not slip off your feet however they should not be too tight either.

Shoes Healthy

Are you ready to evaluate the quality and health of your shoes?

Your next step now is to go to your closet, pick your shoes and evaluate them. Are they clean? Do they smell? Are they uncomfortable? If any of the answers for these questions is yes then it is time you fix your shoes. Buy new ones or even seek for medical advice. Your health should always come first and be treated seriously. Have fun with your brand new best walking shoes.